Hello everybody….its been a while, good thing I never made any promises about writing every night, huh.

Anyway, here goes.

Recently I found an interesting page on Instagram, @northern.lightz, it focuses on interesting words and there meanings. I decided to share some of the words and their meanings because some of them are really interesting and the fact is you may learn something new: 😉

clinomania (n.) excessive desire to stay in bed. (Know anybody who has or is a clinomaniac?)

balter (v.) to dance artlessly, without particular grace or skill but usually with enjoyment.  (Like when you think no one is watching)

aubade (n.) a love song sung at dawn….(that must be some song 😉 )

susurrus (n.) a low soft sound; as of whispering or muttering or a quiet wind; a whisper or rustling……(i wonder if a murmur counts (insert thinking emoticon here))

fernweh (n.) an ache for distant places; the craving for travel.  #german.  pronounced FEIRN-weyh

esprit d’escalier (n.) the witty comeback one thinks of after the time is past to use it.  #french.  pronounced e-SPREE des-kal-i-YE.  (This is a common occurrence with me :))

azure (adj.) of or like the color of a clear and unclouded sky.  (They forgot to add “on a bright sunny day”.)

More on the wayyyy……..


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