What to read, what to read

Like every avid reader I have tons of books with no foreseen scheduled time of completion…..and after each exciting, thrilling read I wonder:

1.  What will I read next and,

2.  Will it be as good as or better than what I just read. …. I have been successful so far [knock on wood] with what I have read – I have yet to curse out an author.

I have quite a listing of books on my kindle to read, and at least one (I’m lying – make that 3) is added to that list daily.

“Why do you keep downloading books, you have so many already, when do you think you will ever read all of those books?”  Common questions from alllll of my friends.  But only a reader can understand the problems I go through each day when I try to resist what I love to do most.  Books are and will always be a part of who I am and how I represent myself.

Words on paper, in print is really and truly quiet awesome!!!!!

So, in light of all that I am trying to come up with a list of books that I will be reading (not that I will stick to the list, but i will try to stick to it as best as possible 😉 ).  Here is the list, when next I write I will see how close I am to completing it.  They will not be read in any particular order…but they will be read ….


1.  A shapeshifter novel….love them, can’t do without them….already started, not too bad, lets see how it turns out.

Bearly Ever

2. This one looks burning ……doesn’t it??

Kissed by Moonlight

3. Abs I say, ABS!!!! and look at the gun 😀

Hot pursuit

4. Right there with the lips….. *shivers with excitement*

His wicked games

5.  The cover alone speaks for itself…..lets see if judging the book by its cover pays off

Mister Black

Yep, that is the list…..lets see if i      sink or swim

All the best……

Slippery Vowels 3


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