My Jamaican Author

I love books and i have always said this.  I also have authors that i love with all of my heart because of the absolute joy i feel when they write for me and yes, i do believe they write to entertain me.  One such author is K.Sean Harris; he is my Jamaican author.  He has never, in all the years I have known him, disappointed me in what he has written.

His latest book, The Flying Ostrich has done this again.  Though it is his first foray into the dark side of this nature, he brings it so beautifully across it makes you question many many things.  Not many authors can do this, as most write about happy endings.  I respect wholeheartedly any author who openly writes about the dark side that many are afraid of.

I wrote this on his Facebook page earlier:

“Usually when I receive a book from K. Sean Harris I read it and enjoy it in a jiffy. Though I enjoyed this one immensely, it was so thought provoking and brought so many emotions to the fore that I had to embrace it and read it bit by enjoyable bit, until I was through. It is difficult to write one review of a book like this, because it encompasses so much within its pages. Thought provoking, inspiring, and so filled with emotions, it encourages you to not only look at yourself but to examine the world in which we live. Though this book pulled a plethora of emotions from me, I must admit that in true K. Sean fashion he delivered extremely well and I enjoyed every bit of it, from the scary bits to the bits that had me wondering what if. This one is not for the faint of heart but it will pull at your heart strings. If you are a die-hard K. Sean fan, it is a must read and must be added to your collection. Enjoy your journey whenever you do…”

It is always a pleasure reading his work, and i will continue to do so…after all he writes the way i love to read…..

Happy Reading 🙂 😉

Slippery Vowels 3


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