Back at it again….

In the midst of life i forgot all about my most precious blog…..My friend actively put me in my place and told me to head back to it so here i am.    My last two books were both very interesting books that dealt with two different aspects of the life we live and hold so dear.

Sempre, love at its best and basest, and how it can simply bring us to our knees and at the same time lift us up to be the best we can be.

The Priest, that shows us that God is always in the mix of things even when we think its the darkest of situations.

Both books were beautifully written and brought out a host of emotions…….


So the above was what i wrote months ago and yes …. now its wayyyyy more than a minute. It took a different friend this time to do the encouragement.  Yes i am back. Maybe not for long but i will try to visit again in the very near future.

Right now i am in a slump…..i cannot for the life of me seem to choose something to read. (Maybe i have too many in my TBR list).  I think i am going to close my eyes and choose one.  Will let you know how that goes.  LOL.





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