Life has a funny way of throwing situations and people at you, that leaves you so surprised you hesitate because you are somewhat scared about where it may lead.

I mean….you could be walking down the road and bump into someone and just like that – a person who you never knew existed has become the most important part of who you are. You get to a point where you can’t wait to share what has already happened in your life with them; just to ensure that you get to experience new things with this new IMPORTANT person. But yet you are hesitant ’cause what if this person is just like all the others and not what you necessarily need?  What if that person fails you again…..What if?

How about you embrace it for what it is, appreciate it, learn from it, and go with it each day. Allow it to evolve and be what it should become.  Do not overthink it. Just allow it to breathe and be….



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