Trying, the second time around…

I’m going to try this again.  This list thing, i am going to try it again.  Dreading it but……here goes (hopefully these are better).  I have gone a head and chosen four categories that i will work with and chose books from each.  Once again there is no timeline in which to complete the four, but i must finish them at some point (wont take a year though…my commitment is to complete every single one, to the end).

So here is a list of the categories and the books that have been chosen from each category:

  1. One Fantasy (with some type kind of magic) –  Ruined by Amy Tintera



2. A Historical Romance – Love me with Fury by Janelle Taylor   (God help me with this one)

Love me with fury

3. A book chosen by a friend – Story of O by Pauline Reage 

The story of O


4. A novel with a shape-shifter (whether it be dragon, were, any animal) – Fever by Christine Feehan


Sooooo after selecting the titles the order of reading was then decided.

Reading order as follows:

1. Ruined,

2. Fever,

3. Love me with fury,

4. then finally The O Story…….

This will be my final attempt at a list……if it doesn’t work that’s it …i give up and will  no longer even consider a list.

A review will be written for each book read through my goodreads account.

Peace out….see you in a few….

Slippery Vowels 3


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