Beautifully written love story (finished the second so quick)

Love me with fury

I do not particularly like historical romance novels; but for a friend i thought i would grant her this one wish. It turned out to not be so horrible.

Beautiful story-line and characters led me back to a world long forgotten and guess what?…it made it all bearable. Strong woman and man will always hold me no matter the genre and it was indeed pleasing to see these two fight it out and deceive each other and then end up right back at square one.

They made me smile and laugh and cry and cuss but in the end it was all worth it.

Since this was read as part of a challenge i will not be reading any more from this author but i will be recommending her to other readers of this genre.

On to the next one ….. I believe that would be the one chosen by the friend.

The story of O


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