A change of plans….

In my 4 book challenge one of the books was chosen by a friend.  She decided to change the book from  The story of O to seduced-by-fire-200x300.

And……i have completed Seduced by Fire in the short time that she changed it.  Three days b058cb39ee4d32f3.  Nothing to do right.  But i enjoyed every minute of it.  Loved me some Daniel.  Yummo Much!!!!!   Let me include here my two favourite parts paragraphs in the book:

A Dom Sub explained


A submissive .....

Such beautiful words by Tara Sue Me, got me caught up to the point i forgot i had other things to do.

Overall it was a breathtaking novel with beautifully written words….. and totally enjoyed.

So now i move on to the final book in the challenge.  I cant believe i went through the books so quick.  Maybe i need to reconsider what i said about lists.  Or maybe when i did   it the time before i wasn’t supposed to do it then……any way good reading all around.  The next one is:


Slippery Vowels 2 jpg -1




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