First set of the 8 completed & complicating things

Hello lovies,

It has been a while.  Yeah i have been reading and enjoying the reads.  The only problem is the book I chose are from series and so I have a hard time only reading one book from the series.

I was able to only read Daughter and Bone book 1, but had to fight myself to not read the other one in the series.  I moved on to Kiss of Deception but try as hard as i could i could not give up on the second part of this one.  This means then that i have thrown my reading off a tad bit until i can complete the series; and also that this challenge may last longer than intended. I also have another series that is calling my name, the cover is so intriguing.  Just look at this….will let you know when I eventually get to it.


Smoke and Bone and Deception Two beautiful books that were good choices to start off the reads.  The world building was amazing and fun and kept me on my toes.

Strong female characters are always my cup of tea so i am having madddd funnn!!!!!!!

I know its no where on the list but i am reading, dum dum dum:


Heart of Betrayal

Book two in the Remnant Chronicles…..Lesson learnt –  Do not pick one book from the series when the series may be awesome.

And so i read on…..will tell you soon how the entire series goes.

I am enjoying this just a little too much i think.cute-wink-facebook-symbols-and-chat-emoticons-36jAm9-clipart


LOGO edited



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