Review: “I’ts not my favorite” – Rue




This one is a three part series examining a number of issues that usually happen in the christian home and how it can affect children, in terms of how they handle things and eventually how they handle relationships.

The category was listed as a lesbian romance, but in my opinion it was not that.  One of the main characters was identified as a lesbian and it highlighted her life and how she handled her situation, but for it to be described as such was, for me, deceiving.

Overall it was a really good yummy read, not for everyone (based on their beliefs) but such a wonderful open book that makes you feel just yummy.


The story-line, from  Gwenn and Daniel, Rachel and Anne, and who can forget the impressionable Todd and of course the holier-than-though parents, Ed and Shirley, was truly heart-warming.  The characters were real and you could relate to them throughout all their relationship issues and heartbreaks.  It was a joy being in their lives, and though it was ‘short’ (to me it was over way to quickly, maybe because i enjoyed it so much) I thoroughly enjoy it. The bond between the sisters was exceptional and it was good to see how they kept together in order to stand against their mother and father.

This one was recommended by a friend and it was a really good choice for us to read together. It is a good buddy read.

Will be recommending to others to have a read. Don’t think I will be going to the other books – just because I am happy with where the story ended and feel no need to complicate things.

As always Happy Reading.



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