Review: “Siblings of Death” – K. Sean Harris




If you by chance read my earlier article “My favourite Jamaican author” you will understand how i feel about this author.  I have always loved any work done by him; and so, I am going to try not to sound too overly pleased and excited about his latest work.  cute-emoticon-with-half-smile-374

The fourth book in the Merchant of Death series (Merchant of Death, Death Incarnate, The Kingdom of Death and Siblings of Death – in that order), this one was an exciting fun packed read that kept me laughing and constantly talking to myself (yes i got weird glances see-no-evil-monkey).   It was good to see Terri behind the desk and directing for once and it was a pleasure to see that her son followed in her footsteps and is just as amazing as she was. And it was good to see that Terri could still kick ass if she needed to – One of my favourite bits:

“Terri stood and reached for Maria, grabbing her by the hair and neck 

and pulling her over the desk, then dropping her to the carpeted floor.

Breathing heavily, Terri knelt and held their faces close…” p. 149

Badass Terri, taking no shit ….LOL…love it.  Unfortunately, my other favourite bits are Rated “R” and cannot be posted here. sad-face

The setting is close to home so the story becomes more real, life-like and relatable  and as a result the story-line was intriguing and just open with awesomeness.  Though a  small part of me didn’t want Diego to be the bad guy; it was what it was and had to end that way, sad though.  In my mind it was someone else who was the bad guy and the brothers found a way to get past their differences and worked together to solve the case (poor soft hearted me) .  I really liked how the author incorporated a little bit of himself in this one, and I was able to smirk at these points.  Loved how some of the ends were tied up, and at one point i started to worry about Marc-Anthony’s fiance; but I’m just glad Ambrose cracked.  Diego’s death, for me, was a little too simple, but then I thought that was probably the best way for him to go without complicating the lives of everybody else associated with him.  I think I hear/see a Book V in the making…..cute-wink-facebook-symbols-and-chat-emoticons-36jAm9-clipart.  Lets see if I can convince the author.

Another good one in the bucket for my favorite Jamaican author, with many, many more to come.

Keep us reading Sean.  It is always, always a pleasure to delve into your mind, your thoughts and dare I say desires?

Being on the recommendation list is a must and goes without saying…..Cannot wait for the next awesome read from Sean.

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