Review: “Dragon Marked and Dragon Mystics” – Jasmin Eve




I have always loved to read authors who are brave enough to create paranormal worlds through their imagination. . The ones that can see clearly,  shifters,  fey,  magicians and vampires living together and functioning as a unit.  To create a world where these usually competing species are brothers who love and function as a unit is amazing. . Throw in one girl who they love wholeheartedly and who loves them back,  and you have a wonderful well built story-line that captivates the reader and keep them wanting more.

The quad is amazing… I would/could use some Compasses in my life just about now.  Strong support through everything.

The plot was amazing.  I loved that their relationship was so truthful and open and that they stood by and for each other through everything.  It was truly very beautiful. .

I was able to read books one and two and must get to books 3 and 4.  I need to know how Braxton and the compasses get back Jess, I must find out.

Jaymin, I have truly enjoyed your work and look forward to reading more from you. . It is stories like yours that have created story time at my office and keep people interested in the world of reading. . After all,  books are really just movies on paper (that’s why imagination is so important)

Definitely recommending this one to my fellow readers. . A very good fantasy read. . Enjoyed and will be enjoying all of the books.

Happy Reading Basic RGB



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