Review: “For 100 Days” by Lara Adrian



It took me a while to finish this one. I didn’t particularly like bits and pieces of the story-line.  Its not that it was a bad book, it was just that it didn’t fit with me.  The characters were fine. Nick for me wasn’t as dominant as he could have been, and though the female character was strong, she wasn’t working for me.   

I usually love story-lines like this and that is why it is hard for me to write this review right now.  I think i may have selected the wrong book to read at the wrong time and this was the result (I actually read two other books while reading this one and completed and loved both before I had to force myself to complete this one).sad-face

I think the author did a good job in creating the characters, even though they were not for me and the depiction of them was also very good.  

Lara Adrian is an author I love, so I will be reading more from her just didn’t think this one was my cup of tea.  I was disappointed with myself because I really wanted to enjoy it but as I said, I think I chose to read it at a bad time.

My loss I guess…..I will be recommending to persons I think will enjoy this read.  

Looking forward to more work from Lara Adrian.



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