My WTR list for Q1 of 2017

WTR = Want to Read

If you notice, I did not say “To be read list” – some of these I don’t even have yet; but one can pray and dream and figure out how to get in on some of that goodness.  Basic RGB

My current read is the Wicked will rise by Danielle Paige the_wicked_will_rise and if it is anything like the prequel I will be sticking out to the bitter end and completing the others in the series.

But current reads aside, I tried to put together a list of books that are my WTR books for 2017….I tried to stop at 5…..then I tried to stop at 10…..then I tried to stop at 15…..then I tried to stop at 20….sigh….I think I went as far as 26…but I successfully narrowed it down to 16 (and if I think about it too much I may just take it to 18).  The WTR keeps growing however, so I should say this is the first WTR list of the year.    Without further ado…..drum roll please…

Here is my WTR list for 2017

(I’m still laughing at the Q1 above, not that its impossible though):



What does your list look like?  do we have anything in common?

Let me know.

Happy Reading…



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  1. 🙂 You’re waayy ahead. I haven’t even started my own review of 2016’s list yet. Will get to it soon though. I’ve read 4 from your list already and they are AMAZING… especially Empire of Storms. You are gonna love them.


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