Review: “Dorothy must die” -Danielle Paige




Indeed, Dorothy must die…

When I started this book, I was a little scared about how the author would represent this age old classic and what twists she would give it to ensure Dorothy’s death.  After all, its hard to re-imagine “the Wizard of Oz”  in any other way.  How we saw it “the child” has already been through so much, why would we want to kill her now?  The author’s depiction of Dorothy, The Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion and even Glinda would cause anyone to want to see Dorothy (and all the others) dead.  She became a horrible dictator, who thrived on the pain of others; and punished people for simply not doing what she requested in a good enough time.  Hence, my agreement that Dorothy should indeed die.

This story was an exciting one and showed how greed can totally turn things around and how good can become supremely wicked and vice versa.

I wasn’t disappointed in the story-line; it kept me on my toes (even though at one point I started to wonder if this was like Game of Thrones and everyone who I thought would be with Amy died, ran away, or disappeared….LOL).  There is a little surprise too that I NEVER expected but that I cannot mention see-no-evil-monkey or it will give away something.

Overall, it was a good story that gave another version of a lovely classic –  it got you thinking and the cliff hanger made you want to see what happens next.  I think I will be reading the next installment.  Seriously need to see how Dorothy dies.

Got these interesting “Wanted” posters from and Pinterest.  They were so interesting had to post them here.  If you know the creators, please help me thank and tag them. Basic RGB These should shed some light on who we are dealing with here:










Happy Reading….cute-wink-facebook-symbols-and-chat-emoticons-36jAm9-clipartcute-wink-facebook-symbols-and-chat-emoticons-36jAm9-clipart





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