Last book of the year. Review: “Ash” by Malinda Lo





My last book of 2016….sigh……I don’t want to say last, but I won’t be able to complete another before the clock strikes 12, regrettably.  It is what it is though and I will continue to read despite that and add to my ever growing tally.

Now….this book right here…. started at 8 p.m.- completed at 1 a.m. ..when I read the synopsis, I really needed it in my life.  As always, once i see an interesting write-up i must have it or the world will end.  I was finally able to get it yesterday.

Categorized as a YA lesbian retelling of Cindrella, I wanted to delve into the authors idea of how she thought the story should go, or just a way to get our minds thinking; I think this author executed her rendition quite well. While reading I noticed that the author tried her best to stick to the main theme of the story – Orphan girl whose stepmother treats her like a slave and gets “rescued” by the prince – surprisingly (and a little bit refreshingly) the author throws in two elements, one, a fairy, who believes he loves her and two, not the prince we expect, (in fact she didn’t even want the prince – i think the author didn’t want to say she thought him to be ugly) but a female huntress. Oh yes, “Prince Charming” in this one is a girl. see-no-evil-monkeysmile-pic-4

It was good….I devoured it….I thought that the author rushed it at the end, but I loved the growth of their relationship and how at the end she made her decision.  I would have loved to see more of an interaction between Ash and Kaisa, more kisses, more touches, just more of them….  My problem – the fairy just gave her up.  I thought that was a bit too easy because we know they are selfish especially when it comes to what thy think they want. After analysis i concluded that he realized he wouldn’t have her fully because she would want to be with Kaisa more than him.  The author did not envision it that way soooo, it is what it is.

At the end of it, it was a good book that i will be recommending.  I will also be reading The Huntress from the same author soon.

Happy Reading,



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