Slooooowww start to the reading year

What I had planned as a very active year for reading has become a very slow one indeed.  With 70 books as the target, I have yet to complete one book…..sighs deeply……. and according to my Goodreads projection I am one book behind schedule at day 10 in the new year.  b058cb39ee4d32f3  Never fear!!! I will not give up hope!!! The 70 books will be read!!!! (brandishes a sword and swings it threateningly)

My plan to begin the year was with Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and The Wicked will Rise (Dorothy Must Dies 2) by Danielle Paige.  These did not work out…Not because they were bad books, but I was just not feeling them.  I have read a bit of both, and so far I think Illuminae is promising and I do want to see where it will lead, however I am putting it on hold for now.   Both books will remain as part of the WTR list but they will be read later down in the year.

With this change, my next selection is Insatiable by Meg Cabot.  Beautiful cover I might add.     insatiable-2-covers

Which cover would you choose?

Its a good read so far and I am well into the book.  Vampires will always take the boring out of anything after-all.  I expect to complete it in another day or two and will write my review then.

Until then, keep reading….it can only get better.

Happy reading!!!



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