Affirmation Tuesday …Week 3


I may be late…but I arrived.

Yes I am late…. One of the reasons I was late came from not fully appreciating the affirmations I had originally selected.  Maybe that could be attributed to the negative vibes that were trying to sneak in during the selection process.  I had done up my wall …see below…but I was still not feeling them.


Sooooo, I changed it to this ….


I selected another set, that for me spoke volumes; I also decided to choose multiple people instead of focusing on a single person.  This provided a plethora of affirmations to chose from.  This weeks affirmations are provided by Lynda Field,, Doreen Virtue Ph.D.,, and Alan Cohen.

You are the product of Divine creation, and as such, you are already completely formed in all ways. – Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

I am not perfect, and I’m okay with that.   –

I will not let STRESS break me!!!

I choose to listen to my inner voice.

I have loving,positive and happy thoughts.  –

I embrace changes in peaceful, harmonious and positive ways.   –

I love and approve of myself.

I claim my heart’s desire, and I choose my direction.  I will attain my chosen goal.  -Alan Cohen

Short this time around but still just as good.

Affirmations do help you through the days….pick one say it, make it your own and smile, laugh, accept the now of life and be.

As always…

Happy reading,


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