REVIEW: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare



After hearing so much about this book for so long, I decided to finally give in and read it.  I must say though that the new cover is what made me read it.

I wouldn’t say I fully enjoyed it, as there was something there that was keeping me from enjoying it.  The first chapters of the book did not hold me at all, and for a person that takes an average of three days to read a book, I took one full month to complete this one.

The characters were okay but to me were ordinary, even with their superpowers.  I wanted Clary and Jace to be together, but I got to a point where it didn’t really matter, I just wanted it to end and to see if she went with Jace or Simon.

Though the action was nicely dispersed throughout the book, I think they ended too abruptly and this also caused me to lose a little interest. I really started to get into the book after Magnus Bane’s party.  After that it got really interesting.  If not for that part I must admit I probably would not have finished the book.  That and the need to move on to something else pushed me to the end.  Needless to say after what happened at the end (which was a little disappointing for me because of the tension that was building between Jace and Clary) I was a little upset with the way everything came to a head.

I may try other books from the author but the Mortal Instruments series is really not for me.





My next in line is


I really love dragon stories and the intrigue that comes with them.  I have already started this one and so far its really good.  Lets see where this one takes us!!!!

As always,

Happy Reading,



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