Tuesday Affirmations – Week 7

In my previous posts we have spoken about affirmations and the wonders it can do for us and our souls.  The question is ..Have you tried it and has it worked for you?

Remember Affirmations are emotional support or encouragement*.  For some of us it may be a word or statement or even a paragraph.  But we all have something that provides support and encouragement for us.

I have found that the affirmations keep me happy and encouraged.  Whenever I feel down about life and where I am in my journey, my affirmations (that I keep handy right beside me at work), help me to smile just a little bit more.

My suggestion…find a few that work for you.  put them somewhere that is visible to you on a constant basis. repeat them daily until they become a mantra. allow them to become a part of you.  WATCH – WHAT – HAPPENS.  Smiles will become easier and you will become freer.

Here are this weeks affirmations..I hope you find even one that provides some comfort, encouragement, and support.


flower 1.png   I aspire to be a giver. A giver of love, a giver of good vibes and a giver of strength.


flower 2.png   Be the energy you want to attract.

– fightingdepression.info

flower 3.png   I am evolving and its damn beautiful.

– anonymous

flower 4   I’m going to make me so proud.   – note to self

– daily burn.com

flower 5.png   My possibilities are endless.

 – dreamcreatedo.com

flower 6   This will be a good year.

 – anonymous

flower 7   Stop worrying how its going to happen and start believing that it will.

– instagram.com



As always,

Happy Reading and affirming smiley-face



Source: *https://www.google.com.jm/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=XL2-WK3GEYqw8weDpZ2IBQ#q=affirmation&*


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