Affirmation Tuesday – Week 8

While trying to decide the affirmations for this week I stumbled on this article by Jeff Haden.  It was titled 11 Affirmations Successful People Repeat Every Single Day.  I decided to share the eleven with you, so that we could both try them and see if we could utilize them daily.

As Jeff says, The thought is parent to the deed–and that’s especially true where success and happiness are concerned.

Here are the eleven affirmations that successful people repeat daily:

“I can’t do everything today, but I can take one small step.”

“I will do what no one else is willing to do.”

“I will face a fear.”

“I will appreciate someone unappreciated.”

“I will listen 10 times more than I speak.”

“I will not care what other people think.”

“I will answer the question that wasn’t asked.”

“I will try to do better.”

“The one thing I can always do is outwork them.”

“I will stop and smell my roses.”



We should all try to apply these in our daily lives and observe if anything changes.

Let me know if it does.


As always,

Happy Reading,




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