Review: The Breathless Series by Maya Banks

For the first time, I am reviewing three books in one.

It was a much better idea than reviewing them separately; not only because they are three different stories (and I wouldn’t recommend reading them out of order), they are fully interconnected, and after reading the story of one friend, you automatically want to know how the other one found their soul mate.

I enjoyed all three (one more than two), but I did enjoy them all.



rating-edited.png.png           4-1_2

Main characters:  Gabe and Mia, Jace, Ash

Beautiful characters and extremely handsome men. smiley-face  Who could ask for more??

Gabe’s story was really lovely. The strength it must have taken to love someone from a distance until they grew up (or at least got to an age where age wasn’t significant),must have been a bit difficult. But I am glad he waited and showed her how he felt when he did.

Loved the build up and the relationship that developed between Gabe and Mia.  Though I knew what was coming next it was good to see the outcome anyway.


FEVER  - breathless.jpg

rating-edited.png.png      4-1_2

Main Characters:  Jace and Bethany, Ash, Gabe and Mia

The first part for me was unrealistic and it was hard for me to believe a rich man would go out of his way to assist someone he didn’t know. It wasn’t bad but a tad unrealistic for me.  I think I compared Mia with Bethany and found Bethany to be a bit weak. Especially because of her background.  Kinda expected more from her. But then, maybe it had to be that way because of Jace’s supreme need to control.



rating-edited.png.png        4-1_2

Main characters:  Ash and Josie, Gabe and Mia, and Jace and Bethany

Ash’s story was also quite good. Exerting his dominance and getting what he wanted. Ash would be classified as the bad boy of the group, but I preferred him to Jace. I loved that Josie was strong and knew what she wanted, and because she was already a submissive there was no easing her into the lifestyle, so it really just flowed.


Overall all three books were good . I will be recommending them to others as well. As a series I would give an overall rating of 4.5 stars.




I am not sure what my next read will be. I am having a serious readers block. If I should chose though,it would be one of the following:


Best Laid Plans


reasonable doubt

bad romeo


I have already started Best Laid Plans by Stylo Fantome and it should be awesome.  Anything from her usually is….all the others look rather interesting as well.  We will see where they take us.

Lets see if i can read everything that’s on this list.

as always, Happy Reading






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