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It has been a minute.  All kinds of things happening but I am back for a little bit….




Now, I do not know where to begin…..This book was pure awesomeness.  I enjoyed every. single. breathtaking. bit of this awesomeness in words.   Sarah throughly outdid herself.

The same awesome characters.  The same amazing relationships,  the creation of new ones and the strength (the amazing strength) of family, friendships and bonds (mates and otherwise).

OMG!!!!! Rhysand!!!!!! Every woman who has read this series… I am sure, absolutely positive, wants a piece of Rhysand.  How do authors get it so right??   A man with such strength, the most powerful of all the High Lords and still he has so much passion that brings you to your knees.  Just awesome!!!!  Feyre’s strength and commitment to her family and many others also made her strength of character and strength of self beyond awesome.

Lets roll back a bit to the first book.   I remember when I started to read the first book, I was disappointed to say the least.  I remember saying to my friends when I was sharing the book, that I really did not want the protagonist to end up with who she was with, because at the time I thought Tamlin did not fit her.  This made the book very tedious and it only really got better, for me, when Rhysand came into the picture.    Because of this I was hesitant to read the second book.  Feyre after all was going to be with Tamlin which in my mind was wrong.

Skip to book two when all the juiciness began.  Rhysand and Feyre both grew and became awesome (cant say much as it will totally spoil everything).

Skip to book three and everything is good and everyone is happy, and Rhysand is still the juiciest and studliest mate, male EVER!!!.

I throughly enjoyed this series and Maas really kept us on our toes and gave us a wonderful story.

A lot of conclusion and beginnings happened in this story and in the end we were left happy, but knew that somewhere in there Sarah would give us a fourth book.  If even to only close up the small number of loose ends and questions that we were all left with.

I have recommended this series way too many times already and I intend to continue.  It was beautiful writing and the character development was well thought out and described.

LOVED THIS !!!  I cannot wait to read more from Sarah J. Maas

I had quite a number of favorite quotes from this book but many are not clean enough to be placed here.

Oh how I loved this one!!!!  Now what do I read????


as always, Happy Reading





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