Poetry was never my best.  I can copy and paste like the best of them, but in truth I cannot write a stanza to suit anyone, but here is to trying.

This page for the most part will feature poems from different authors and will also highlight my “drop” (can’t say fall) into poetry and trying to put words together.

Lets begin with this one:

Author: Jo (or as I like to call her Rasjo)

Come here babe let me talk to you 

I won’t use words…..my magic will encircle you

Such a beautiful ease, our journey is all the way through…

Pain, Joy, Desire, let me inspire you

Shed everything this fucked up world has made you view

Revel in your freedom…shine your unicorn through 

Come lay, come stay, I will keep you at bay 

For you they will no longer prey

The very existence of us 

Is all the power we need in this world that’s unjust 

Pull those covers down, climb in don’t make a sound

Just come here a lil bit closer… snuggle up and let me love ya.

Here’s to writing, reading and enjoying more words in the form of poetry.


Happy Reading,